Monday, October 09, 2006


Ship of Fools - Bosch

Posted on the 2nd Day of the 27th Week of Ordinary Time - 2006 AD - Year B

I drive to work every day, and often other drivers get in my way. I feel angry with them and sometimes shout and curse, on my own, in the car. I get impatient. In the tired early morning with two kids on the school run. One a teenager, one soon to be. Two kids who I love more than my life, who I would die for without any hesitation. Who are my life, my all and everything. Yet I am impatient with my daughter when she doesn't smile at me as she gets in the car. I get irritated with her because she was fretting over her fringe not being cut straight yesterday. I let myself be offended by her little temper, over herself, her appearance. My gentle loving daughter, whom I adore, who I know loves me too. We fight a little. But we are quick to make up because we mean so much to each other. My youngest daughter. She is tired and trying to do something with her MySpace page, change the background I think. She tries it again and shows me, it doesn't work and she runs off shouting. I shout after her not to be so silly and impatient. But she is only tired and my raised voice only upsets her more. And I want to help her and fix her page for her. Because I love her more than anything I have ever known or seen or can imagine. But I am still capable of being angry with her. Why is this? How can we be so damaged? When there is a love that is so great it hurts, we are still capable of hurting what we love. It is a sickness. Concupisence. A predisposition to sin. This is why we cannot be left alone, to our own devices, without the rules of our Faith, without the love and guidance of our Father, our Blessed Mother, Our Lord. There is no area of human life which does not fall terribly and tragically into conflict. Forgetting we are Brother and Sister, that we must be Last, laying down our very essence for our comapnions. Without our Faith and because of our fallen nature, we would tear ourselves and each other to pieces, because of the great sickness in our hearts. Our redemption is in our being grafted onto the True Vine, bonded to Him, never allowing anything to seperate us.

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