Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Incarnation Window - Chartres Cathedral

Posted on the 3rd Day of the 27th Week of Ordinary Time - 2006 AD - Year B

I heard someone on EWTN tonight say that as Catholics we believe that everything is Incarnational. That everything has come into being as a result of God's will. Is sustained alone and wholly by the will of God, is a Creation and Creature of God. How precious is our Incarnation, that God could choose it to cease at any moment but does not, that the very balance of our life is an act of God's will, a pure act of love sustaining us all in existence from moment to moment, without ceasing, for all eternity. Our Incarnation means we are wholly dependent on that same God for our very lives, each second, every day, whether we are good or bad, believer or non believer. Despite ourselves He keeps us all present in our lives. If God left the universe our lives would end, the reality we are clothed with as the fabric of our beings would simply cease to be. God is Love. In our Incarnation we are each and every one of us sustained in detail as we are. Our God is a personal God who knows each of us wholly. Every hair on our head is known and numbered, every minute facet of our being, every thought, fear, hope, anguish, joy is recognised. We are created, known and loved in every detail and tiny facet of our lives. Sustained and given freedom like the children that we are. Our Lord shared our Incarnation, the infinitley small details of living in the physical world, the never ending stream of activity and complexity, the fire of the world consuming us every moment and like the burning bush we are sustained and never ever left alone.

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