Saturday, October 28, 2006


Jesus and Saint Peter

Posted on the 7th Day of the 29th Week of Ordinary Time - 2006 AD - (Year B)

I worry about my kids. A lot. I worry about work and the future and money. About my parents. A lot of what I do is because I worry. Hopefully those things that I do are positive. So worry can't be such a bad thing. There is a modern obsession with not worrying, like we have an obsession with being 'stress free'. Worry and stress, in proportion, means our conscience is more or less in working order. That we care. We have a job to do here on earth and every little detail of our lives matters. In the end it is for building up God's Kingdom. And that means building up our neighbour and ourself, our families, the domestic church.

But sometimes I think too much. It's triggered by the worry, a habit of thought, looking for solutions, for ways of looking at things that rationalise them, or rationalise or sweeten our responses to them. I am trying to learn though, slowly but surely, that the answers are in some way inside of us already. Christ entered into our nature at the Event of the Crucifixion, he gave us everything we need to live our lives and in a sense, we have to stop trying to grab the reins of our life from Him. He gently, invisibly, silently, guides us on the right path. The path that was made for us and which leads us home. It is not always the easy path. It is the Great Gift that in our hearts has been placed the key to the guidance we need. Prayer and the Eucharist untethers us from our stubborn will, gently handing over the reins to Our Lord and God who is merciful.

We can achieve nothing without this. And with this 'handing over' comes not less responsibility but more. It is still our lot to walk on the path we are guided onto. Our world is a world of signs and meaning unique for each of us. We need to be on the right path to see the signs and meaning intended for us alone.

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