Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Holy Bride

St Agnes

Posted on the 2nd Day of the 30th Week of Ordinary Time - 2006 AD - (Year B)

Holy Mother Church is Christ's Bride here on earth. She is the pure, virginal beautiful bride, veiled, spotless, dressed in the whiteness of purity. Upon her can be found no blemish, no fault. Her arms open wide to welcome us, shameful in our sin. In her bosom we rest, She knows no blemish except for ours. Holy Mother Church, Bride of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In her arms she cradles the Lamb.

In our imperfections, we gather around the Bride. The gentle virgin who cradles the Lamb in her arms. We love her dearly. She watches us compassionatley us as we stumble in our sin. Her arms open wide, always welcoming. In the emptiness of desolate urban churches she can be found, smiling, weeping, waiting. In the desert of souls in the heart of a city. In the silent moments when we forget who we are pretending to be. Always waiting, spotless, without the stain of sin.

At Holy Mass she reaches out gently to us, beckons to show us the way. Chasing us in our emptiness like a giddy child. There always, the silent virginal bride. The whiteness of her purity where I lay my head, on the softness of her bosom, beside the Lamb.

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