Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Immaculate Heart of Mary

Posted on the 3rd Day of the 30th Week of Ordinary Time - 2006 AD - (Year B)

Unfortunately I was a late convert to the Church. This has meant that, although my daughters have spent their entire education in the Catholic School system, they are ambivalent toward the Faith at best. I am trying to change this. They are too old now for me to simply dictate what they believe. Sometimes I lose ground, other times I gain it. But I pray that the seeds of truth in their hearts will grow and bear fruit.

I try not to despair of their future in this secular, materialist world. What gives me confidence is that I know God chases us. Our whole lives are the roller coaster affair of a courtship. When you suddenly come into the Faith and convert, as I did, you see this for what it is. Ever since I was a child, He was there, running after me, present in all of the things of this world as all things proclaim Him. You cannot avoid it, you can only live as if in a dream, denying this truth, believing in the laughable, empty vanity which is our shallow, material culture. Where for the blink of an eye, because we have the pitiful crutch of technology, we see ourselves as gods.

In the clamour, the noise, the distraction, He is there. Like a persistent joyful child, running after us, tugging at our garments, always saying: 'Look at me, LOOK!"

I know He will chase my daughters too. He will run after them in desperate love and all they have to do, one day, is say 'Yes, enter my heart'. Because He will never give up. He will send situation after situation, person after person, insistence after insistence, sign after sign. This is what life is. It is the sum total of the signs, the insistence, the heavenly courtship.

A beautiful child running madly toward you through the crowd, eyes fixed on you and you alone, face radiant, beaming with love and excitement, because it's you. She throws herself into your arms as only a child can, knocking you to the ground, turning your life upside down forever.

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