Sunday, April 01, 2007

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday 2007

The Palm Sunday Mass at my local parish church was well attended today. In fact I had to kneel in the aisle at one point because of this. This is encouraging as often during the year the church is only half full, though it is not terribly attended as a rule. Small crosses made from palm leaves were handed out as we attended. One noteable thing was that we stood for the entire reading of the Passion of Our Lord, with responses for the congregation. This made the Mass seem more special (if that is possible), and I don't remember this from last year (when I was Catholic 'waiting to be' as it were, having been recieved into the Church at Easter Vigil 2006). I am looking forward to Easter Week this year, though I am slightly worried that, being the only Church goer in my household, I may have a job juggling domestic matters and my attendance at the Easter Triduum. I am determined to make each of the three special Masses this week; Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil. Hopefully by God's good Grace I will attend all three Masses followed by Easter Sunday. I have also resolved to read through the Gospels this week, and the rest of the New Testament including the Letters and Acts etc. I did this last year (actually in the week following Holy Week as we were presented with copies of the New Testament as new memebers of the Church for Easter Vigil). I remember that last year, when I read through the New Testament from start to finish I found it extremely powerful. There is no way to explain the power and weight of these books, by any standards, without recourse to the Supernatural Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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