Sunday, December 04, 2011

Save the Liturgy, Save the World.

Dec 3rd 2011

The state of the world is reflected in the state of the Church. This is a lie. The inverse of this statement is the truth: The state of the Church determines the state of the world. This makes the greatest sense of Our Lord's references to leaven. Take a good look at today's world. It's our fault. From the moment that Priests began to turn their back on Our Lord during Holy Mass, placing themselves as men, between their flock and the Lord on the Altar, the world followed suit. The spirit of the world is determined and formed by the Spirit of the Mass. Just as we are created in God's image, since the Crucifixion, the world is created anew every day in the Holy Bride's image. And where is the Holy Bride Herself created anew each day? At the source and summit of her Life, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The repurcussions of our Mass ripple out through the world in a deterministic manner, partly in the behaviour and spiritual dimension of the celebrants, which in itself is determined by the degree of reverence and faith of the priest. We make the world in the image of the Church, an act of creation at every Mass. How can we save the world? Restore the Mass of Ages. Stand once again in proper reverence on that sacred hill. Show the proper reverence for His Agony and Suffering. The living unbloody Sacrifice which trumps time and space flows out into the world and restores it. But if our priests continue to turn their back on Our Lord and stand between Him and the flock during Mass, how can we expect the world not to do the same. Don't wonder anymore at the state of the world, only remember: The Kingdom of Heaven is within (the Church). If we get this right, the world will follow suit.

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