Sunday, May 16, 2010

The War of Life and Death

May 13th 2010

All conflict in this world boils down to a single conflict.That between Life and death. There are only ever the same two forces opposing one another: those who seek Life for humanity, and those who seek death. Death is sought in so many ways in our world, through abortion, engineered famine, crime, euthanasia, glorified random violence, genocide (including that of Christians). And then there is the death impulse as it is played out in sexual gratification without conception, pornography, drug and alcohol abuse. Our culture has become a death culture. It's priorities are those of death, it seeks out death and annihilation of human beings as it's overriding purpose. It's as if an incomprehensible beast rode into our small Christian town and caught us all napping and now our young run around, wearing the colours of the beast. How did we let this happen? Why were so many ready to drop their Faith of milennia, and turn to the beast? And now our very Church, our very Holy Mother, the Bride of Christ itself is under attack, from all quarters, from within and without, from frivolous finger pointing to beheaded schoolgirls in the Middle East. The centre may not hold, but Christ will hold, and the gates of hell shall never previal. I for one, feel I must return to my Church and my Faith and not stand idly by while others try and sink Her. We are the light of the world and our World needs that light more than ever now. Humanity will not survive without it.

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