Friday, November 10, 2006


Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The Tower of Babel. 1563. Oil on panel. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria

Posted on the 3rd Day of the 31st Week of Ordinary Time - 2006 AD - (Year B)

Because we have a little bit of technology, we think we know something. We think we now are able and entitled to question, even the absolutes of our created universe. This questioning is ultimatley futile, as any good scientist will tell you. But what we have, reminds me a lot of the magician behind the curtain in the film: 'The Wizard of Oz'. He was just a little guy with his ridiculous levers and dials and pushbuttons. And his fraud was pretty much transparent in the end. We are this little man, with our own ridiculous dials and pushbuttons, our unnecessary and useless addons to life which, in its own right, is transcendent and sacred in its beauty. The noise and smoke and mirrors show we put on until we lose awareness of the world and live in a stupid, hollow, empty idea of it. The culture of death: efficiently depriving even life itself of Life. How we have lost the ability to think. How an anarchic challenging of the fullness of truth has become a replacement for thought. Our technology now does our thinking for us and all we have left is our need to kick against what we feel constrains us. Like an infant pushing against the reins that save its life. Like spoilt, immature young adults who sincerely believe they know better than their elders. There is nothing to change or develop or adapt. We are the same sinners we were over 2000 years ago and need the same Divine Gift to save our fallen nature. Christ came, His Holy Sacrifice on the Cross changed our living breathing world for all eternity. We are asleep in a drowsy idle dream in darkness. We must awake into the New Day or die forever in darkness.

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