Monday, November 06, 2006


Jesus with Mary & Martha window - St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church - Atlanta

Posted on the 1st Day of the 31st Week of Ordinary Time - 2006 AD - (Year B)

Sunday Holy Communion. The church was fairly full and quite noisy. Someone coughing badly, lots of people with colds. But there was a great silence today when the Priest consecrated the Host and His Precious Blood. It was very quiet, for a long time, the atmosphere seemed charged and electric in our ordinary little church. Then I heard a baby chuckle in the midst of the silence. It was a real happy, delighted sound. Like a clear bell. The kind of sound that just makes you smile. A golden sound. For some reason I had a mental image of Our Lord and His Blessed Mother present in the church. Walking gracefully, invisibly, past the rough wooden pews and hunched, kneeling people, the baby catching sight of them, chuckling delightedly as they pass.

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