Saturday, November 11, 2006


Immaculate Heart of Mary

Posted on the 5th Day of the 31st Week of Ordinary Time - 2006 AD - (Year B)

I am beyond any doubt, certain of the truths of our Faith. I cannot explain where this certainty comes from, and I have never felt such certainty over anything really before, including much of what is before my own eyes here on earth. This kind of certainty is called Faith I think. It is a powerful and beautiful gift. I know that it comes from outside of me, via Gods grace, because no thought process, or logical reasoning has lead me to this certainty. I Believe. A strange thing happened about mid way through my conversion, during the time I had decided to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church, and emabarked on the RCIA programme, before I was formally recieved into the church at Easter Vigil 2006. I awoke, in the early hours of a winter morning, saying over and over to myself, 'I Believe. I have Faith. I have no doubt at all. This is the Truth!' It was a strange and powerful and beautiful thing. It was the very moment, I guess, that I became Catholic. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I am not in the habit of waking up in the small hours with 'eureka' moments. I don't even have dreams I can remember. This was strong and powerful, unequivocal and supernatural. God gave me Faith that morning. The Faith that both literally and figuratively, woke me from my sleep.

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