Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cherish the Word

Kissing the Face of God - Morgan Weistling

February 23rd 2008

The world is on fire. It is a raging, deafening roar of flame. The noise is designed to drown out the Word of God. The noise of the world created by man and the prince of this world, can never contain the authentic Truth. Only lies from the master of lies. As well as deafening, the raging noise is here to destroy. When the noise becomes normal, you fail to hear it, though it becomes your consolation and this is the driving force behind many aspects of technology. This is its purpose. To deafen you to God's Word, and to encourage you away from it. The benefits of technology to mankind are peripheral, an allowed side effect, a deception far outweighed by the damage caused to the human soul. We have not yet cured cancer, or famine, AIDS or even Leprosy and TB, and yet we have in every home access to unrestrained licence, amorality, distraction in all its guises, and forms of entertainment which wholly trivialise, undermine and humiliate the human person. Seek silence, purity, freedom from distraction and fascination. Switch off your tv, your laptop, your stereo. The only truth, consolation, freedom and genuine science of reality is to be found in Prayer and Scripture, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in abandonment to Divine Providence. Gently, and with your whole heart, close out the hideous roar from the world and its prince whose only fruits are lies and darkness.

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