Saturday, January 07, 2012


Jan 7th 2012

This evening I attended the Epiphany vigil Mass at a parish I hadn't visited before. It was a beautiful but modest church with a very nice altar and tabernacle. It was a family church and the Priest was like an aging spiritual warrior, watching and fussing over his flock whom he clearly loved dearly and deeply.

Something struck me during his homily. The Priest, talking about Epiphany, the gentile kings adoring Christ, said he saw the Catholic Church as those tiny arms of the Child Jesus, reaching out to Jew and pagan alike from the very beginning, and later as the strong arms of Christ on the Cross. The Holy Bride seeking to encompass all. And in this connection the old Priest suggested that in order to continue Mother Church's mission in the world, we should always seek to make our Faith relevant...

I wanted to jump up and say: But Father, the Truth (our Faith: the person of Jesus Christ) is always relevant, it can't be anything but relevant, in fact it is everything else which needs to be made relevant to the Truth! All that is needed from anyone is to speak and live the Truth and the Truth of our Faith is not a collection of ideas to put into action and conform to the world, but a person, Jesus Christ, to whom we must conform, and to whom we must seek to conform the world. This is the true meaning of the word Conversion, and ultimately, through our Holy Church's mission on earth, we are called to convert this world into a New Jerusalem, the City of God.

As Catholics, we neither need, nor should we seek to make our Faith relevant, for our Faith cannot change, we simply need to live and impart Truth who in fact IS the person of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Nothing else is needed, no more relevance is needed nor can in fact be achieved other than the living Truth itself, the person of Christ, the Truth that each of us also must live and in living that Truth there is realized all and absolute relevance.

To say that we should seek to make a thing relevant, implies change, malleability in the thing, and we simply cannot apply that to our Faith, because our Faith is Christ, who in turn is God and God is unchanging, pure Truth and simplicity. God desires that through his Son we all become relevant to Him, so that we can be saved, and we achieve this relevance through repentance and then Communion with Him. It is we who must change, who must seek to become relevant to God so we can be saved. Maybe this is what the old Warrior Priest meant after all.

The Warrior Priest, the aging Sentinel in the lonely outpost, gently holding his flock in both the tiny arms and the strong arms of Christ.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Jan 4th 2012

Could the abomination of abortion be delaying the harvest being ripe and therefore allowing evil more time to operate in the world? From Revelation: "Thrust in thy sickle, and reap, because the hour is come to reap: for the harvest of the earth is ripe." Will the harvest be ripe at an appointed time, or more in keeping with the analogy of the reaper, when the harvest itself full? How long is the evil of abortion delaying this moment, the Day of Judgement when evil itself will finally perish. Could this 'delaying action'be the real true motive behind population control in all its forms including radical environmentalism..

This is why our Pro-Life Movement is of the UTMOST importance.

Abortion and birth control undermine the salvation economy. The longer evil has to operate, the more souls it can destroy, it's a simple calculation. Here is another proposal, could famine and abortion be seen as 'sacrifices'to evil? Demonic parodies of Christian fasting and suffering used against man in the ongoing spiritual war of Good vs evil.

Despair not however, fellow Catholic, the ultimate end is already written for we know who triumphs in this war. But you and I, dear Christian Solidiers, our individual fates in this war still have to be fought out, man by man, battle by battle, knowing the outcome boosts our morale in the face of the avalanche of evil in which we find ourselves, but it's up to each of us as individuals to survive the war as it still rages in our lives..

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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Save the Liturgy, Save the World.

Dec 3rd 2011

The state of the world is reflected in the state of the Church. This is a lie. The inverse of this statement is the truth: The state of the Church determines the state of the world. This makes the greatest sense of Our Lord's references to leaven. Take a good look at today's world. It's our fault. From the moment that Priests began to turn their back on Our Lord during Holy Mass, placing themselves as men, between their flock and the Lord on the Altar, the world followed suit. The spirit of the world is determined and formed by the Spirit of the Mass. Just as we are created in God's image, since the Crucifixion, the world is created anew every day in the Holy Bride's image. And where is the Holy Bride Herself created anew each day? At the source and summit of her Life, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The repurcussions of our Mass ripple out through the world in a deterministic manner, partly in the behaviour and spiritual dimension of the celebrants, which in itself is determined by the degree of reverence and faith of the priest. We make the world in the image of the Church, an act of creation at every Mass. How can we save the world? Restore the Mass of Ages. Stand once again in proper reverence on that sacred hill. Show the proper reverence for His Agony and Suffering. The living unbloody Sacrifice which trumps time and space flows out into the world and restores it. But if our priests continue to turn their back on Our Lord and stand between Him and the flock during Mass, how can we expect the world not to do the same. Don't wonder anymore at the state of the world, only remember: The Kingdom of Heaven is within (the Church). If we get this right, the world will follow suit.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The War of Life and Death

May 13th 2010

All conflict in this world boils down to a single conflict.That between Life and death. There are only ever the same two forces opposing one another: those who seek Life for humanity, and those who seek death. Death is sought in so many ways in our world, through abortion, engineered famine, crime, euthanasia, glorified random violence, genocide (including that of Christians). And then there is the death impulse as it is played out in sexual gratification without conception, pornography, drug and alcohol abuse. Our culture has become a death culture. It's priorities are those of death, it seeks out death and annihilation of human beings as it's overriding purpose. It's as if an incomprehensible beast rode into our small Christian town and caught us all napping and now our young run around, wearing the colours of the beast. How did we let this happen? Why were so many ready to drop their Faith of milennia, and turn to the beast? And now our very Church, our very Holy Mother, the Bride of Christ itself is under attack, from all quarters, from within and without, from frivolous finger pointing to beheaded schoolgirls in the Middle East. The centre may not hold, but Christ will hold, and the gates of hell shall never previal. I for one, feel I must return to my Church and my Faith and not stand idly by while others try and sink Her. We are the light of the world and our World needs that light more than ever now. Humanity will not survive without it.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cherish the Word

Kissing the Face of God - Morgan Weistling

February 23rd 2008

The world is on fire. It is a raging, deafening roar of flame. The noise is designed to drown out the Word of God. The noise of the world created by man and the prince of this world, can never contain the authentic Truth. Only lies from the master of lies. As well as deafening, the raging noise is here to destroy. When the noise becomes normal, you fail to hear it, though it becomes your consolation and this is the driving force behind many aspects of technology. This is its purpose. To deafen you to God's Word, and to encourage you away from it. The benefits of technology to mankind are peripheral, an allowed side effect, a deception far outweighed by the damage caused to the human soul. We have not yet cured cancer, or famine, AIDS or even Leprosy and TB, and yet we have in every home access to unrestrained licence, amorality, distraction in all its guises, and forms of entertainment which wholly trivialise, undermine and humiliate the human person. Seek silence, purity, freedom from distraction and fascination. Switch off your tv, your laptop, your stereo. The only truth, consolation, freedom and genuine science of reality is to be found in Prayer and Scripture, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in abandonment to Divine Providence. Gently, and with your whole heart, close out the hideous roar from the world and its prince whose only fruits are lies and darkness.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Path

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

October 7th 2007

I have found over the last year or so that Our Lord chastises those He loves. The chastisement serves to steer us back into communion and relationship with Him. When you are on the right 'path' and are following your destiny, so to speak, there are always signs which affirm you are taking the correct course of action. On the wrong path there is only silence and disaster and it is by this disaster that Our Lord gently steers us back to Himself. Prayer, especially before the Most Blessed Sacrament is essential to keeping us on the correct path. It is the gentle, beautiful guiding light, the invisible tether to God without which we cannot steer. We are made for prayer and adoration. Our whole being is designed by God to recieve the Word. To follow the path He has laid for us we need prayer, trust, obedience, simplicity and purity. To have nothing in your heart which prevents the flow of His grace. Then you begin to see, dimly at first, but eventually by a different light entirely and you realise that before there was only darkness.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Agony in the Garden

Apologies for the long break in updates to All Saints. Due to work and domestic committments, I have had very little time to spend on the things that really matter. I am hoping that from now on I will be able to regularly update the blog. Thankyou for your support.
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